Fitness Goals For 2023

Stephen Moon
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Fitness goals for 2023. Yes, it’s that time. I’ve had an inconsistent time this year. As always life gets in the way. 2,500 miles cycling, and inconsistent in the gym. But as can happen with me, I’m finishing strongly. As the head goes, the body follows. My mood has improved as the year has progressed, and so the training hours have increased. I’ve learned a lot this year, and I’m putting into practice for the coming year.

What I Learned In 2022

It was my 65th birthday in May. Time presents an invoice each year, and it needs to be settled, no exceptions. This past few months have brought enough. On the bike I do one longer ride, a HIIT day, and a social day. Then one hard day in the gym. If I miss a bike day for any reason, I do a second gym day. That’s more than enough. My head thinks I’m 35 and my body knows I’m 65.

I’m supplementing and making other small changes to support performance and recovery. Supplementation includes creatine daily, beta alanine in pre-workout drinks, and my normal vitamin regime. More time spent on mobility (but not close to enough.) Trying to get enough sleep.

One of my main concerns is losing muscle mass. It happens to all of us from the age of 35 onwards, and accelerates as we age. I’ve never been remotely muscular, and it’s very noticeable how quickly my upper body in particular loses muscle if I miss too much time. When looking at my fitness goals for 2023 this is a major factor. It’s not a case of simply training more in the gym, as I will explain.

Reasons To Train

I need more reasons to train. By this I mean setting targets. The No Plan Training Plan has been ok. But only ok. I’m in better shape than your average 65 year old. But it feels like a losing battle. Which it is. I would love to give ground a little less swiftly. I understand that intensity is still possible, but volume must decline, simply because recovery takes so damn long!

It’s not just exercise that slows recovery. I’m still working a decent sixty hours a week, and in quite a pressured job, and that has an effect. It’s not as though I’m a pro athlete who can train hard then go for a sleep. Even if I sometimes would like a siesta. Recovery is most certainly holistic in terms of rest, sleep, managing stress, and active recovery techniques such as stretching.

Life is busy for most of us, and there is no excuse not to train. My body and mind needs it. But my mind can struggle to step up if there isn’t a goal. Yes, I’m a simple soul.

Fitness Goals For 2023 … Put Them Out There

If I put my fitness goals for 2023 out there, it will give me that little extra motivation. It helps hold me to the deal with myself. The Instagram post lays it out for my measly number of followers. Blogging here also adds to the universe of people who I have committed to.

I’m going to cycle 6,600 kms — I’m 66 in 2023, so a hundred clicks per year seems a decent number;

I have entered Ride London 100 and that’s a week after my birthday, on 28 May;

I’m going to ride London to Paris with my work colleagues in July;

I will join Ross Edgley and my work colleagues in a 26.2 mile marathon sled push;

I will reset my own age group lap record for Regents Park; and

I’m going to do a single deadlift of 170kg by the end of the year. I believe this will put me in the “advanced” category for my age and weight.

Am I being overambitious? Possibly. I suspect the deadlift will be tough, it’s hard to be bike fit and heavy deadlift fit at the same time. My plan is to go for the deadlift after August, as it’s going to need some fully body work to get me there, and that will need hard graft and a lot of recovery.

Check in as I work my way through the goals. The sled push and London to Paris ride will both see me raising money for the local food banks.

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